Laura & Adam – Winchester, MA


“We feel blessed to have found Boston Naps (Emily and Jamie) and Alex as an instructor for our pre-natal class, lactation consultation, and CPR training.  Starting out as new parents was overwhelming but the prenatal class with Alex was a wonderful introduction to newborn / infant care.  We don’t have a lot of support in the area and needed a resource to lean on during my pregnancy and after our son was born.  My husband had never changed a diaper or cared for a baby and I had a little experience but the pre-natal class was fantastic because we were taught “fresh” together and both learned something new.  

Overall, we loved knowing that we were dealing with medical professionals who have trained experience in in the field.  Every time we contacted Boston Naps we received an immediate response and felt comforted knowing that we could reach out to them at any time for anything from a night nurse to education. You ladies are amazing, we recommend you to all new parents and hope to work with you again!”

Laura  & Adam Bruce

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